Friday, April 2, 2010

Young Contemporaries 2010

Young Contemporaries 2010 opened last night. The reception was wonderful. There was a great variety of work. Mary Jane Jacob did a wonderful job of picking submissions for the show. I got a great many complements on my work, the best of which came from one of my business professors, Dr. Kelly Shaver. Dr. Shaver came and walked around the show, he'd previously not known I was a painter. We talked art and business for a while, as it turns out his mother was a sculptor. His wife joined him later in evening, and after showing her the above painting, they said "We'll take it!" MY FIRST SALE! I was so giddy. The evening only got better as I was awarded with the Best Painting Award. This semester is rounding out quite wonderfully.


  1. Congratulations on your first sale! Which one was the winner? Which one sold?

  2. I can comment now- horaay! I love seeing your final piece up on the wall; it looks super awesome.

  3. you deserved that award... that piece is really something... my favorite in the show, actually. glad to find your blog!