Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good Week/ Bad Week

School's been rough lately, with really crappy workloads, including tests, projects, and the ever dreaded group work. There things that just really really suck, then jewel moments that elevate nose off of the grindstone for a look at the bigger picture.

We had a painting critque yesterday. I went in early to work and gather all
my pieces together. My blue abstract landscape, that I had deemed finished last week had fallen (or been knocked) from its perch and lie on the floor, torn. This is not the first time I've had worked ruined just by keeping it in the studio. I was broken and enraged, but I now know how to patch canvas. From where this picture was taken, you can't even see the tear. It is nice however to see this semester's body of work all together.

After four begrudging months of back and forth with Apple, my old computer was layed to rest and Apple Care blessed me with this sweet beast. I call her Juniper. Everyone say hello.