Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Landscape in Red Week 1

I love the freshness of a new painting, the quick honest subtlety of letting go. Upon seeing how quickly this painting appeared on in front of me, my professor noted my "obvious subconscious need," for creating these landscapes. And indeed, on first laying out a painting I decide the horizon line, the ratio of ground to sky, then I stop thinking and let the painting take its own form.

working on it, we'll see.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


sorry i am consistently a week behind on my updates.

New painting. I am conflicted by my professor's insistence for the avant-garde, however I have come to terms with a melded vision of late impressionist artists, early 18th century American painters, and a select few classically "modern" painters. I'm afraid that his insistence will undermine my ideals of subtlety, and so conflicted with appeasing my professor and painting as I see fit, out comes a painting that is my most abstracted yet. The color plane painting only just represents landscape. I like it, yet am very resistant.

to now stand on its own.

a diptych now? I don't know

Monday, February 16, 2009

Triptych Week 2

Into abstraction: while continuing to work on the triptych, it began to feel stale and and too romanticized, so I eliminated the undulation on the horizon line and added some strongly (strongly for me) abstract stroked. This creates duality as the representational plane which recedes into space as certain strokes work to flatten the image, so the painting at once works on a three dimensional and two dimensional level. I often wonder if i should stop after only a week of work on a piece. I lose some of the spontaneity and subtlety in the development. Will the outcome prove? Lets hope so.

Blue Landscape Final

preface: been trying to write this damn post for a week now.

I have had an arduous four weeks since starting this painting, and I've finally come to a point where I am comfortable in saying that it is finished. In it, I was pushed further, darting back and forth across the line that forms my comfort zone, as my professor not unlike a child continually asked "why?" And by probing, got me further into myself and got that onto the canvas.

Somewhere within the simple explanation that I like landscapes, vast open expanses, lie my very personal issues with my own femininity, isolation, romanticism, and appeasement of others. The simplicity of the image allows for more psychological subject matter, instead of tangling itself in the representation of tangible space. Yet the painting calls on it's representation of the actual as the position of the horizon line subordinates the viewer.

abstraction vs realism

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yesterday I started a triptych painting on three square varnished wood panels. I love the texture I get when working on wood. I continually paint and remove paint to get the desired effect. I hope to maintain some areas of the varnish color, hence why the sky is not opaque. Much much more to be done. Let me know what you think.