Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On the Easel: No. 43

No. 43 

I've been up in Atlanta for the last week or so helping my boyfriend get situated in his new apartment. It would seem I'll be jumping back and froth between Atlanta and Ft. Lauderdale until the fates (aka graduate school admission offices) give me some kind of inkling into my future.

I brought my whole gambit of art supplies: full sized easel (I must say I love driving a wagon), over-sized palette, art box, a 36" x 34" canvas... the works. I've been working on this painting out on Avery's patio. Below are the photos chronicling the progression to it's current state.

Wooded View on Avery's Porch
2 hours

6 hours

9 hours

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Everglades Study (in oil this time)

Thursday afternoon I went out to the Everglades with my friend Claire Moore for some plein air painting. We spent about 3 hours next to the highway on an elevated gravel road that overlooks the everglades. The weather was gorgeous despite the sunburn I got. Painting out of doors has proved really satisfying. The painting resolved into something tangible and pleasing in a matter of hours. In the studio, I work on some paintings for months before I am pleased with the resolution.  I'm looking forward to going back next week to finalize this piece.