Sunday, August 22, 2010

Painting with the Chill'ins

by Roman Payan
by Roman Payan (my personal favorite)

by Amelia Payan

by Amelia Payan

by Kaitlin Carroll

I'd been feeling a little down about painting recently, so when my sister, her husband, and the kid-lets, Roman and Amelia, came down to "Gigi and Grandpa's" house this afternoon, she brought the kids' painting stuff.  It was nostalgic painting with craft paint and kid's brushes. I love watching the freedom with which children paint. Roman's second painting (my favorite), he painted by picking up all the extra brushes on the table, dipping them in water, then dipping them in paint (the individual colors long-since mixed together) and finally onto the paper. It's made me really want to return to some paintings of pure abstraction.

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