Monday, May 31, 2010

Back Home

After graduation three weeks ago, I moved back home to South Florida. I've been redecorating my room for better usability, re-painting, re-arranging, organizing, and throwing shit away. No longer the room of the girl I was when I was 15, but something more sophisticated, a room that shows of my paintings (pictures soon to come).

I've set up a place to work on my oil paintings in the barn (I'm not allowed to use oil paints in the house), doing my best not to spill paint in my mother's work out room. While a restrictive setting, I am happy to have a place to work.

Unfortunately when moving back home, many of my paintings were ruined. We took precautions layering newsprint and blankets between the paintings to cut down on abrasion, but the heat and compression were too much, and many were damaged beyond repair, including some of the centerpieces of my portfolio. While heartbroken, I am now doubling my efforts in building a cohesive portfolio for grad school.

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  1. Aw, lame! I am sorry for your damaged paintings. :< Can't wait to see pics of the redecorating though...