Saturday, March 28, 2009

How many weeks left? I sure as hell don't know.

This piece is certainly more challenging, pushing my own perceptual concepts. The more abstract I move, the more referential these works are becoming. The painting's color palette mimics that of1880s romantic eden scenes and I feel that there is some brash old/new romantic dualism wafting up.
Fun stuff coming up while working on this. I decided after sealing the previous wood panels piece in red, this time I'd like to use the natural color of the wood. As you know however you cannot use oil paint on an unsealed surface, however I just happened to have some clear wood sealer from a previous project. I love the surface on this. It shifts from VERY thick paint at the bottom to absolutely no paint further up. The natural color of the wood works really well as a light source, so keeping the paint thin in some areas is important.

Long rant I know, just really excited!

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