Monday, October 27, 2008

Watercolors, Good Things Come in Threes

One of my required studio classes is called Issues and Images in Contemporary Art. It is a lecture, though is placed in the studio category because we only get graded on a sketchbook that we turn in at the end of the semester. I've never really been able to sustain a long term sketchbook, though I must admit a vice of collecting them. I've had trouble sitting down and making myself work on it. I'd rather work on a larger project. Though I know that working in a sketchbook will aid me in the end, I can't make myself do it, familial stubbornness, I guess.

I've had my watercolor palate sitting on my desk for a few days and it seems to me now that I work more reliably when I have a palate already set up, the dirty cup of water helps too. I don't worry so much about initially mixing the correct colors, I just dive in. And because of that my palate, the range of colors used in the painting rather than the object itself, had become more personal, if not more mature.

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